Nobel Laureate, Herbert Charles Brown has inspired us to allure the word Herbert from his name. Herbert Publications took the motivation from his unusual advancement all through his education and untiring career regardless of the hardships he surmounted. With this inspiration, we commit at our best for the distribution of research information at global standards upholding integrity.

Herbert Publications was established in 2011 and embrace gold open access journal publishing dedicated to provide a rapid access to quality (single blinded) peer-reviewed journals covering all disciplines widely in life sciences, medical research, chemistry alongside technology and management.

In the Gold OA publishing method, the publisher charges publication cost from the author and takes complete responsibility to make the article available online permanently for free to anyone from anywhere in the world. This is a reverse process to the traditional print publishing method where the reader is charged to gain access to the published articles and obtain permission to use them. Here the publisher holds copyright over the articles whereas in open access publishing, author attains copyrights over their work.

Herbert Publications is committed to disseminate all the scholarly journal articles published immediately and maintain perpetual free online open access to all groups ranging from an author to a common reader.

Herbert Publications encourage authors to publish and retain copyright over their research work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License. It grants an irrevocable right to access, reuse and redistribution with no restriction, until the original work is credited.

Publishing process at Herbert Publications is highly constructive from manuscript submission to online publication with rapid and reliable standards. It imposes an affordable article processing charge to cover the cost of the publication process.